Brittany Boyd, M.S.

RESEARCH FOCI: Counseling, Gender, Race/ Ethnicity, Sexual Health

Brittany Boyd entered the FIU Developmental Science Doctoral Program in fall of 2015; her major professor is Dr. Dionne Stephens. She received her B.A. in Psychology and her M.S.Ed in Education Counseling from Northern Illinois University, focusing on Clinical Mental Health.

Brittany's research examines the ways cultural contexts and partner availabity influence high SES and education (e.g. graduate school) Black women's decision making processes and sexual health outcomes. She is also interested in the ways in which the effectiveness of sexual health education is culturally informed. In addition to her research pursuits, is currently a teaching assistant and supervising undergraduate research assistants in the HDCI Research Lab. For more information about her research, please email Brittany directly.

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Brittany Boyd's Publications

Boyd, B., Stephens, D. P., Eaton, A. & Bruk Lee, V. (In Press). Partner Scarcity: Highly Educated Heterosexual Black Women and Dating Compromise. Sexuality Research and Social Policy.

Barton, A., Helpingstine, C., & Boyd, B. (2018). The Need for Men's Awareness of IPV via Information Technologies. American Journal of Public Health, 108(7), e16

Helpingstine, C., Boyd, B., & Barton, A., (2018) Further considerations for research on human trafficking. American Journal of Public Health, 108(2), e8

Stephens, D. P., Boyd, B., & Ruvacalaba, Y. (2017). Black college women’s reflections on sexting during high school. Journal of Black Sexuality & Relationships, 4,(2), 93- 115.

Boyd, B., Ruvalcaba, Y., Stephens, D. P., & Madhivanan, P. (2017). The Effectiveness of HIV/AIDS interventions targeting Black College women: A Systematic Review. Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships, 3, 77- 93.


Stephens, D. P., Eaton, A., & Boyd, B. (2017). Hispanic college men’s perceptions of appropriate sexual intercourse initiation strategies with women. Sex Roles. DOI: 10.1007/s11199-016-0709-8

Boyd, B., Mahdhivana. P. & Stephens, D. (2016). Child and Youth Experiences and Perspectives of Cerebral Palsy: A qualitative systematic review. Child: Care, Health & Development, 42, 768

Boyd's Grant Activity

Dating, Degrees and Sexual Risk Taking Among Highly Educated Black Women
This project examined the sexual health risk taking behaviors of highly educated Black Women using the scarcity theory. Results indicated that Black women with advanced degrees who perceived that partner availablity was limited were more likely to have engaged in risk compromising behaviors. SEED Grant for Graduate Students, FIU Psychology Department

Brittany Boyd's Honors & Awards

Doctoral Scholars Fellowship
Southern Regional Education Board

Brittany Boyd's Teaching & Mentorship

Primary Instructor, SOP 3742: Psychology of Women,
Florida International University Department of Psychology

Teaching Assistant, PSY 3213: Research Methods
Florida International University Department of Psychology

Brittany Boyd's Professional Service

Founder & Past President of the Black Graduate Women's Student Association
Florida International University

Founding Member of the Culture, Gender & Psychology Research Group
Florida International University

Research Presentations

Boyd, B. (2018, March). Highly Educated Black Women's Perceptions of Partner Availability & Sexual Risk. Lecture for Futures Without Violence Women's History Month Research Lecture Series. FIU Department of Psychology. Miami, FL.

Boyd, B. (2017, March). Perceptions of and implications for Black adolescents sexting. Symposium presentation in Navigating sexual risk and health disparities in Black communities across the lifespan. Association for Women in Psychology Conference. Milwaukee, WI.

Boyd, B., Stephens, D. P, Ali, R., & Montero, M.. (2017, March). The influence of IPV victimization on Black mother- daughter dating violence discussions. Poster presentation for the Association for Women in Psychology Conference. Milwaukee, WI.

Troitino, I., Stephens, D. P, Rodriguez, A., & Boyd, B. (2017, March). Media Messaging and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination uptake in a racially diverse sample of College Women. Poster presentation for the Association for Women in Psychology Conference. Milwaukee, WI.

Boyd, B. (2016, October). Sexting's and dating practices among Black adolescents. Symposium presentation in Talking, Texting & Telling Truths: Black adolescents’ intimate relationship communication. National Association of Black Sexologists & Clinicians Annual Conference. Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Ruvalcaba, Y., Boyd, B., & Stephens, D., Perez, N. (2016, September). Hispanic college women's perceptions of high school peers' sexting practices. Poster Presentation for the National Latina/o Psychological Association (NLPA) Conference, Orlando, FL.

Boyd, B., Ruvalcaba, Y., & Stephens, D.P. (2016, May). The Impact of HIV Interventions on Black College Women’s Condom Use: A Systematic Review. Presentation for the National Black Graduate Conference in Psychology, Miami, Florida.

Boyd, B., Stephens, D.P. , Ruvalcaba, Y. & Johnson, A. (2016, March). Black women’s reflections of sexting practices and perceptions during high school. Poster Presentation for the Association of Women in Psychology Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Brittany's Research Projects

To view research projects that Brittany has taken a leadership role in developing and/ or implementing, please visit our Current Research and Completed Research study pages.

Current Research

Qualitative study examining partner availability & sexual risk among female Black graduate students.


A systematic review evaluation of programs addressing Black college students' HIV knowledge and risk taking.


Quantitative analysis of sexting behaviors and beliefs during highschool